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    About us
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  • APeptide is one of the largest custom peptide producers in China (For 10years old), we can be proud to offer reliable, high quality, competitive price peptide services directly to the end researcher. We have advanced technologies. Especially in Glycopeptides, Thiolactone peptides, Cyclicpeptides Methyl-peptides, Sulfated-peptides, Phosphopeptides, Natural peptides, Fluorescent Labeled Peptides, Other modi-fication Peptides.
    Apepitdes also supply amino acids\Protein\Dye and so on
    Peptides could be delivered by DHL, Fedex, UPS, EMS, TNT, World Courier and so on. You can quickly and easily get your produc-tion.

    Custom Peptide Modifications
    o Amidation,C-termainal
    o Aldehydes,C-termainal
    o Alcohols,C-termainal
    o pNA (p-Nitroanilide),C-termainal
    o AMC,C-termainal
    o AFC,C-termainal
    o Cysteamide,C-termainal
    o Ester,C-termainal
    o N-Alkyl Amides,N-termainal ?
    o Acetylated,N-termainal
    o Palmytolyl,N-termainal
    o HYNIC,N-termainal
    o Biotinylated,N-termainal
    o Bromoacetylated,N-termainal
    o DOTA,DTPA conjugated,N-termainal
    o Formylated,N-termainal
    o Myristoylated,N-termainal
    o Succinylated,N-termainal
    ? Dye-labeled peptides

    o N-terminal Modifications
    ? Bodipy-FL, Cy3, Cy5, Texas Red, 5-Tamra, 5-lodoacetamido fluorescein
    ? Rhodamine 110 and Rhodamine B Luciferin, EDANS
    ? FAM, FITC, MCA, Rox, Sulforhodamine 101, 5-TAMRA ?
    Cyclic peptides
    o N -> C or Head to Tail
    o Disulfide (S-S bond formation) .Trisulfide formation)
    o Cyclic-natural peptides
    Methylated peptides
    o Lys(For),Lys(Me), Lys(Me)2, Lys(Me)3, Arg(Me)2 symmetrical, D-Tyr(Me),D-Tyr(Et)
    o Na-Methylated(N-Me-Arg,N-Me-Asp, N-Me-Glu, N-Me-Leu, N-Me-Nle, N-Me-Nva, N-Me-Phe, N-Me-S N-Me-Ser, N-Me-Trp, N-Me-Thr, N-Me-Val)
    Other modifications
    o BSA, KLH conjugated peptides for antibody production )
    o Phosphoserine, Phosphothreonine, Phosphotyrosine
    o Sulfated Tyrosine or Serine
    o MAPS (Multiple Antigenic Peptide)
    o Glycopeptides
    o PEGylation
    o Peptidomimetics

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